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Gen Y Twixters: A new market for salons & spas

May 18, 2011

When it comes to positioning your business you have one of two options. You can target an age group or demographic subset and then continually reinvent your business so that you are constantly current and relevant to this group (e.g. Guess?). Or, you can select an age group or demographic subset and then adjust your products, services and environment as this group ages. In either case your business is in a constant state of evolution.

In this article we will examine the first of many groups with a great deal of spending power: Twixters

Although well rooted in the Asian and European cultures, Twixters are a generational trend that is fairly new to North America. They are 22 to 28 years of age, from middle to upper class families, who are working fulltime at a professional or technical job that pays relatively well. They have a high level of education and a disproportionate amount of disposable income compared to their actual income. The major identifying feature of this group is that they still live at home with their parents (new studies have found that the majority of young adults live at home until 28 years of age) or they have benefited greatly from large parental subsidies to finance their first home.

As they have few financial obligations, most of their sizeable disposable income is dedicated to their pursuit of pleasure, entertainment and extreme experience. Not yet fully adults and teen no more, they are said to be living their “adultescence” (according to them ‘real’ adulthood starts somewhere between 25 and 30). Twixters spend with a high-low style; they carry an Ed Hardy bag while shopping for IKEA furniture. They wear clothing from H&M and sunglasses from Prada. They have an iPhone but use a YAK calling card. They are savvy shoppers who want to be able to drop brand names but work hard to stretch their dollars. Rarely alone, Twixters almost always travel in packs. They have up to 500 Facebook friends, thousands of Twitter followers, and countless close pals that they text to on a regular basis. Their life is an open book for all to see.

Courting the Twixters

So what does this group expect from their salon and spa experience? They are looking for the latest fashion trends, in an environment that is wired and happening. To attract their business you need to present a very fashion-forward image, with young and trendy staff that are sporting the latest looks. Money is no object for the right haircut, the right hair color and their ever-changing fashion needs. When it comes to retail products however, they tend to be more price-conscious and unless offered a good quality price-point they tend to opt for drugstore brands. To appeal to their pack mentality, facilitate a group experience by creating an environment where several friends can have their hair, nails and facials done together in one shared multi-functional area. If you are able to “hook” them now they may become your loyal clients for years to come.


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