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The Jones Generation

May 27, 2011

With concern about the decline of the Boomer’s purchasing power, marketing gurus have  focused their attention on a subset of this group, born between 1955 and 1965.  Collectively, these “young” members of the herd are known as the “Jones Generation”  (coming from the expression Jonesing – or yearning for the same as others). Totaling 5.3  million individuals, this sub-group accounts for 56% of the 9.5 million Boomers in the  Canadian population. They are no-where near retirement, are still focused on their careers, have younger kids at home, and see the next 10 to 25 years as their time to enjoy  life and reap the benefits of their hard work. And indeed they have earned it. Much of their success stems from the fact that they are workaholics who live on their Blackberries and are tied to their laptops. This high-paced lifestyle has made them consumers of self-discovery and introspection, devoting their time and money to services and activities that help to relieve stress.

GenJones graphic

Keeping Up with the Joneses

So, what does this group expect from their salon and spa experience? As they work early in the morning and late at night, they want longer opening hours with the flexibility to have their services done before or after work. Their lives are crazy busy, so they are looking for express treatments and quick procedures. To save them more time, invest in a cordless credit card transaction pinpad to check them out, and pre-book their next appointment while they are seated at the styling station, eliminating any need to wait at the reception desk. The Joneses never stop working (even while on vacation), so they appreciate a wireless environment and possibly a roll-away laptop table so they can continue working while in your salon or spa.

blakberrykeypad These young Boomers communicate incessantly via e-mail, so don’t hesitate to send them  offers and promotions through this medium as they will most likely respond positively.  As age prevention is very important to them, offer anti-ageing products and services  such as grey coverage color, volume building extensions and wrinkle prevention creams  and procedures. Just remember time is the key; it has to be quick, easy and effective. Of  course they love all special attention, but they know quality and value, so don’t offer  them a sub-par cappuccino when they come into your salon/spa with a Starbucks in their  hand. As they love personalization, when you plan promotions take into account that they might want to build their own promotion and feel like they have the power to mix and match products. Finally, although they take environmental issues quite seriously, they are not necessarily willing to pay more for a “green” product. They will support companies that make an effort towards conservation and sustainability, but not at any cost.

Constant Evolution

Whether or not your salon caters to this demographic group, the bottom line is that your business is either evolving and adapting or it’s regressing and losing ground. Remember, there is no status quo when you are in the beauty and fashion business. When it comes to positioning your business you have one of two options. You can target an age group or demographic subset and then change your business so that you are constantly current and relevant to this group. The other option is to select an age group or demographic subset at the start-up of your business and then adjust your products, services and environment as this group ages. In either case your business is in a constant state of evolution


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