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Targeting the Alpha Boomer

June 10, 2011

While the Baby Boomer generation was hit hardest during the economic downturn, and many marketing strategies turned their focus more to the Gen X, Gen Y, or Jones Generation, their buying power and market influence is presently making a comeback.

An Alpha Boomer is considered to be “a person who belongs to the oldest segment of the baby boom generation and has significant disposable income”. The term Alpha Boomer was recently coined in the US to describe 55- to 64-year-olds, currently the fastest-growing demographic in that nation. According to writer Maureen Callahan of The New York Post,  They make up half the population and spend more money on goods and services — nearly $2 trillion — than any other age group.” They are in fact a very valuable and very influential age group, yet they have become invisible to marketers because they surpass the Baby Boomer age limit of 55 and fall into a category that has just recently been identified. However, it may not be that easy to maintain their interest or their loyalty

The Alpha Boomers do distinguish themselves from the Baby Boomers in very specific ways: “they’re older, richer, wiser, and determined to prove that age is nothing but a number.”

In her book Amortality: the Pleasures and Perils of Living Agelessly, Catherine Mayer cleverly analyses “the swelling ranks of people who live agelessly, doing and consuming many of the same things from teens to old age… we never consider ourselves too young to pair up, break up, launch businesses, take on the world; or too old for fresh commitments, the latest technologies or new diversions.”

Alpha Boomers do not look at retirement as a possibility and are willing and wanting to experience the world, for a second time – or even for the first time, as much of them feel like they never got to live their lives to the fullest in their youth.  Laura Tennant from the UK’s The Independent explains more in detail who the Alpha Boomers are and how their attitude and perspective on life is changing the marketing world.

Alpha Boomers may have a lot of disposable income but attracting them to your salon or spa, and then keeping them as a loyal customer may be harder than it looks. Alpha Boomers are always looking for quality but also for something new and unique. If you do manage to secure them as a returning client, you are sure to see a change in your income!


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