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Make it Memorable: How do your customers remember your salon/spa?

June 15, 2011

Just about everyone on the planet knows that you can get a haircut almost anywhere for just about any price point. So why are people willing to spend $40, $70 or even in excess of $100 for a haircut when it grows back so quickly? They do so because they are paying for an experience as well as a haircut. Clients will shell out considerably more in order to feel like they are someone special and that for one or two hours their satisfaction and pleasure is all that matters.

How to Be Memorable

Many elements of customer care require little or no investment, such as greeting your clients by their choice of first or last name, knowing what they prefer to drink or how they take their coffee. It only requires a little research, some planning and a few checkpoints to ensure consistency and perfect application. “A List” salons invest time, effort and money to create, implement and sustain a signature customer experience. These best-in-class salons and spas look at every single point of contact between the salon and their clientele and devise a specific and detailed procedure to ensure that guests live a memorable experience every time they visit the salon. The bottom line, however, is that your customer experience is going to be effective only if it is remembered.

Take a close look at the following key experience factors involved in any salon visit and determine where there is room for improvement in the treatment of your esteemed clientele.

Easy to find: Yellow Pages, Internet, website, advertising

Appointment booking: Easy, friendly, accommodating, brought a solution

Location: Easy to access and a neighbourhood that clients can relate to

Ease of parking: Availability of parking spots at or near the salon/spa site

Quality of trade area: Neighbours, people on the street, sidewalks

Front desk: Warm, friendly, finds your reservation, gives you the right info

watch dialWaiting time: 5 min. is OK, 10 min. is annoying, more is aggravating

Waiting location: Bar, lounge, chairs, standing

Waiting amenities: Bar, snacks, magazines, television, retail shop, entertainment

Welcoming/Accompanying: How names are called-up, hostess attitude

Hospitality facilities: Changing rooms, gowns, coat hangers, washrooms

Station: Cleanliness, lighting, temperature, noise, music, traffic

Service: Consultation, recommendation, work quality

Duration of service: Wait time at colour, sink, chair, interruptions, speed of work

Quality of service: Scalp massage, colour application, cut, blow-dry

Departing: Speed of cashing out, pre-booking, retail, transaction

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