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Pt III: Avoiding Accidental Retail

August 3, 2011

The next two bullet points in this 4 part series focus on sales and the creation of a consultation culture in order to avoid accidental retailing for your salon or spa.

7. Create a consultation culture.

There is never any need for a hard sell. Clients highly trust their stylist /colorist and will often follow their recommendations (when offered). Here’s the catch… the PBA survey found that 71% of consumers were not presented with a retail product during their last salon visit! Work with your staff to develop personalized consultation scripts so they feel comfortable at introducing products without feeling like they are pressuring their clients to buy. In addition, over 70% of consumers prefer that at-home products be introduced and presented as they are utilized during the service, as opposed to a full consultation and prescription at the beginning of their service or a rushed presentation at the cash register.

8. Ask for the sale.

Most customers do not enter a salon with the intention to buy retail. They think about buying their products when they run out. With your clientele averaging one visit every 6 weeks, you can predict that they will run out of their shampoo or conditioner somewhere between their next two visits. A friendly reminder about at-home products will ensure that previously purchased products are turned into repeat sales.

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