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Salon Education: Balancing teaching and travel

August 24, 2011

Many “A List” salons allocate approximately 1% of their budget to education and travel. You can supplement this by utilizing points from your vendor’s reward program to pay for education and use your credit card miles to cover some of your travel expenses. Your goal is to stretch your money and advantages as far as you can so you can participate in as many education events, with as many staff, as possible. As it is in many other industries, it is expected that the employer will cover some of the costs of continuing education for their employees. Some salons link education perks to the employee’s performance review and tenure at the salon. Other salons request that their staff set aside a certain portion of their own income for education and then use retail commissions to offset education costs.

Bigger salons can organize personalized in-salon training events which usually cost about the same as having 5 or 6 staff attend a group class at a vendor’s academy.

For now, consider the first few tips of 6 when contemplating your education strategy:

• Establish an overall education plan for your salon, a personalized training plan for each employee, and a separate one for yourself (allocating up to one third of the overall salon education budget for yourself).

• Ensure your entire team attends all relevant in salon classes, product knowledge sessions, retail programs, local and vendor tradeshows, and any other technical, motivational and/or personal development courses you have scheduled for your salon.

• Check with your local business development board, as well as your city, regional and provincial governments for business building education, coaching, job security and job creation programs to determine what you may be eligible for. Then take full advantage of all possible loans, subsidies and tax credits.

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