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Salon Education (Pt 2)

August 31, 2011

Last week, Solnyx posted the first part of Salon Education. Here we are with Pt 2 and the rest of the tips and tricks you should consider when beginning to implement an education strategy in your salon:

• Seek out an independent business coach or a salon/spa consultant to review your business. You will receive an unbiased, non brand-related opinion on how to improve your business and a custom made support program to help achieve your training goals.

• Join your local chamber of commerce to meet fellow business owners, network and learn about local development programs that your business can benefit from.

• Include your front desk staff in all business and marketing seminars, retail courses, vendor related programs and in-salon trainings. It is surprising the impact this can have on your business growth as well as your team building efforts.

• Professional competitions are a great way to motivate your employees to keep their knowledge and skills current. Education is one of the differentiating factors that separate the best from the rest. So set yourself apart, seek out only the best programs and trainers, and be sure to align yourself with vendors who meet your education criteria and have your success in mind.

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