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Salons & Spas: Surviving the economy

September 28, 2011

Over the last decade, we have crossed this country from one coast to the other, meeting with countless salon and spa owners at trade shows, education events and in-salon consulting sessions, and we often hear the same stories and see the same business patterns emerge. So here is our own take on the categories of struggle and success that are common to the industry. See if and where your business fits in and then give a little more thought to where it is headed next.

For many salons the last 18 months and the next 12 are all about staying afloat, holding on to clientele with deep discounts and spending money they don’t have, with little or no plan on how they will repay the debt. They are desperately trying to figure out where they went wrong with staffing, investments, marketing and branding. Many of these businesses have already failed, and for many others it is only a matter of time; your car can run on fumes only for so long. If they are not seeking help from their suppliers or industry specialists in marketing and finance, they have to admit that their days are numbered. If they do not invest their last dollars on finding an immediate solution, instead of on a desperate coupon campaign, they are bound to join the graveyard of failed businesses.

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