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Establishing Promotion Objectives

December 2, 2011

What are my promotion objectives and how will I judge the results?

Having established your budget, you then can determine the number and scale of your promotions for the year. Depending on your salon size, location and competitive environment, some promotions work better than others. Keep in mind that your objectives may be different than those of the salon next door. Perhaps your aim is to increase your client flow or retail sales, gain better recognition, attract more affluent clientele, fill up your appointment schedule on slow days, or simply to have something different to talk about every month. You want to ensure that your promotional dollars get the most bang for your buck.

Only by creating clearly defined objectives, are you able to determine if your promotion was a success or not. It is essential that you have a data gathering system that will enable you to judge the results. Determine where you stand now, where you want to be at the end of your promotion, and then ensure you have the means to track the numbers.

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