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Finding the Right Help and Support

December 13, 2011

What support will I use?

There are numerous methods available to get your message out (e.g. mail, phone, text messaging, e-mail, advertising, Website, etc.) Once you have enticed consumers into your salon, you will require various merchandising tools to re-communicate your promotional message. Having an assortment of in-salon displays, poster and banner stands, counter cardholders, tent card frames, poster hanging systems, point of sales promo-stands, etc. will give you enough flexibility to make any promotion look professional. Investing in display material will repay itself many times over with the new revenues that you create. Remember that repetition is key; your clientele needs to see your message at least three times to fully absorb it.

What can my vendors do to help?

Once you start planning your promotional calendar, get your sales reps involved. Learn what your main brands have lined up for the year, what they are able to do to help, and what tools they have ready for you to use or customize. Then align your calendar with your vendor’s major launches, thereby ensuring you have plenty of marketing collateral at your disposal. Arm yourself with the right tools to be able to use their ready-to- use materials. Finally, determine if you can use your vendor reward points or co-op allowance (in cash or product) to pay for some of your promotion costs. If you ask for support, you may be pleasantly surprised by what comes your way.

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