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The benefits of Customer Relationship Management

January 18, 2012

Mailing lists, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Customer Centricity and Best Customer Marketing are all terms that relate to the gathering of client information; personal, professional and family data, service and purchase habits and preferences, shopping behavior patterns and of course tracking total dollars spent, number of visits, type of services used and retail purchases made.

In Canada it is estimated that only 35% of salons currently use salon software. If you are not convinced that it is time to either purchase your own system or to be fully utilizing your existing software, here are just a few reasons why database software is essential to growing your business:

• You need to know your client visit frequency in order to increase it.

• Only when you know who your color, retail and/or service clients are, can you effectively target them with specific initiatives that will entice them to spend more or visit more often.

• You can plan gender and/or age specific mailers or e-blasts and not waste money on the wrong people.

• You can track returning clients and accurately assess your staff client retention rate.

• You can target your non-active clients with a “come back to see us” offer.

• If a client requires a color touch-up and her usual stylist is on vacation, you will be able to meet her needs.

• You can efficiently run a client birthday program by mail, e-mail, text or phone.

• Some software programs can track the referral tree of a client, allowing you to determine which clients refer most frequently and then reward them accordingly.

• Your salon will own the client database as opposed to your individual stylists.

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