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CRM: Keeping in touch with your clients

March 9, 2012

The best computer system will be completely useless at allowing you to target specific clientele or narrow your promotional aim if you don’t feed it with precise, current and complete information. You need to ensure that all fields are filled in or updated, that all appointments are booked under the right name, that all check-outs fully detail the services rendered and retail products purchased. Remember: Garbage in = Garbage out!

Put an end to duplication

Client information should be gathered and kept in only one place, the main computer system. Eliminate your color cards, purchase a second computer, link it to your main system and enter formulas, visit details and other information via this satellite computer.

Get staff buy-in

The responsibility for gathering data should not fall only on the receptionist. All staff should understand the benefits of having accurate client data and how this will help them increase their own revenues. By giving your staff data gathering objectives and rewarding their performance you will surely increase the accuracy of your client information.

Write a script

Don’t leave it to your staff to try to explain why the salon requires in-depth client information. Write a script for your staff that helps them explain to their clients the numerous benefits of maintaining an accurate client record.

Make it easy

Avoid using client cards, user numbers, or anything that the client will need to carry or remember. Most computer systems allow you to search by phone number and/or family name. Decide what your primary search criteria is and stick to it to avoid file duplication.

Respect client privacy

Ask permission first before communicating to your clients by e-mail. Contact them regularly but not too often (about every 8 weeks) and always offer them the option to unsubscribe. Never print out and distribute to staff members your full client data list and NEVER sell your client list to anyone

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