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Advertising, PR, and Promotion

March 30, 2012

Advertising, Public Relations and Promotion are all a part of your Marketing and Communications strategy. Marketing yourself and your team means building your salon’s reputation, communicating your desired image and establishing your position in the marketplace. These are essential elements to growing your business. Every salon owner does this already to some degree but you need to ask yourself: is it enough? Is what you are currently doing effective?

Marketing is also your way to inform your existing clientele of your promotions and entice them to get more services, buy more retail products and bring a friend. And it’s often the only way to attract new clients to your door. How you go about it and where to spend your money is the tricky part. We have previously proposed that you allocate between 2 and 7% of your planned revenues to your marketing budget (McDonalds allocates 25%, Wal-Mart spends about 3%). This amount will vary depending upon your goals and financial capacity. If the average Canadian salon makes approximately 300K in revenue, then we are talking about an amount that ranges from 6K to 20K. Now ask yourself if the marketing and advertising methods you are currently using getting the biggest bang for your buck? How do you ensure your money isn’t being misspent? Which methods work best for you and your target market?

Remember that marketing planning is a complex exercise. Industry professionals study for years and years to get to the level of expertise needed to work in advertising agencies and hold marketing management positions in beauty corporations. It takes time and a great deal of effort to market your business well.

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