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Media Planning

May 7, 2012

What kind of media is best suited to give you the results you want with the time and money you have allocated? To give an example, if you were trying to attract hair treatment clientele, you would most likely start with your own client list, using very specific parameters (e.g. female client with color, buying retail, with a visit frequency of at least 8 visits a year) and then produce a highly personalized letter or card. Address it personally and either e-mail it or mail it, offering them a limited time offer. For more effectiveness you may want to place a phone call to follow-up on your offer. It is more than likely that you will need a combination of additional methods (some listed below) to achieve your goals in a timely manner.

• Plan a Public Relations campaign; contact your local and national fashion papers and magazines and tell them about your newsworthy story. Just remember that PR goals and results are long term. It takes time, good contacts and an interesting story to get published. However, when it happens the rewards are well worth the effort.

• Organize Special Events such as a collection launch party or seasonal trends cocktail; invite all your regular clients and ask them to bring a friend.

• Prepare a personalized Direct Marketing campaign; contact clients that meet certain criteria (as in the example above) and make them a timely offer on additional services or retail products.

• Design a Mass Marketing Mailer that you can distribute in your direct residential or business neighborhood. This is a very cost effective way to contact a large number of potential clients. Just remember not to skimp on printing quality as you only have one chance to make a good first impression.

• Try E-mailing your existing clients with either a monthly newsletter or make them a targeted offer based on what you know about their shopping behavior.

• Younger clients react well to Text-Messaging Blasts about last minute deals with a very short response window.

• Advertise in Local Media and announce something interesting. Ensure that your ad always contains a call for action i.e. some offer that they – need to respond to within the circulation time of the chosen media

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