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Visual Merchandising

June 14, 2012

Today’s retailers are not only becoming more skilled at attracting consumer attention using visual merchandising techniques, they are also changing their displays at a faster pace than ever before and spending a great deal more money on their creation. For example, in early 2007 The Gap implemented a new merchandising schedule that sees their windows being completely redone every 3 weeks (instead of 6) and the entire store’s visual merchandising overhauled every 6 weeks. It is estimated that Macy’s department store (NYC) now spends up to $1,500 per window per week, and Bloomingdale’s about $500 to $1,000 per window per week.

The cost benefit analysis of increased spending in these areas clearly indicates that it pays off in greater traffic and higher sales. Visual merchandising is often called window dressing, but it is much more than just dressing the window; it’s all about emphasizing the importance of a product launch, a seasonal trend, a new service or a promotion. It starts at the window and gets re-interpreted throughout the salon, in the changing room, in the washrooms, at the backwash area, in the cutting and color area and of course at reception and retail.

Determining the best method and place to “stage” your retail products and feature your promotions takes planning and a great deal of skill if you are to see a dramatic increase in your overall sales. Aspects to remember are location, retail, digital signage, color, and simplicity.

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