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Merchandising & Location

June 21, 2012

Any place in the salon where foot traffic is high and there is enough space to install a promotional stand can be turned into a lucrative piece of real estate. The best location for visual merchandising displays is within the first 10 feet of the salon, or the first 10 percent of the salon if space is limited. Customers are more likely to purchase a product from this area than any other.

The second best place is an eye-level display near the reception desk, as customers will pass this area three to four times per visit. Mass merchandising displays work best here, because they allow clients to handle the products.

The third best place for visual displays is on the reception desk or counter. A feature display works best here, however, the reception desk must be spacious enough to accommodate the display and still leave room for your client to set her purse down and sign the credit card slip. Keep it simple; one counter card or mini poster stand that supports the current promotion, one hair product launch counter top display, a few impulse purchase items and that’s it. Keep in mind that for several reasons your front desk is the worst place to display jewelry.

The fourth best place for displays is in a front window if your salon is on a high-traffic street or in a mall, and this should be an attractive, theme-oriented feature display. Your window is your most important merchandising tool to attract new clients so be sure it is inviting. Your display should attract attention, create interest and encourage people to come into the salon to purchase goods. You have less than 11 seconds to accomplish this. That is the average amount of time an individual will spend looking at a window display. Be careful not to crowd too much merchandise into a window, however. Customers could find it difficult to determine the message and what items are being promoted.

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