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Choose Your Colors Wisely

July 5, 2012

The Color Wheel

Color is one of the most effective tools used in displays. Research has shown that blue is the most popular color on a worldwide basis. It induces thoughts of the sky, water and purity, and is preferred especially by mature customers. Red makes the heart beat faster, demands attention and attracts all ages and both sexes. White creates feelings of cleanliness and purity, and attracts young people. Black stimulates elegant, sophisticated and sub cultural feelings and appeals to individualistic and youthful people. Green promotes thoughts of health and the environment. Yellow is the color humans see first, which iswhy it has a strong shelf impact. Knowing your target market for a specific promotion and which colors appeal to them most will increase the return on your display investment.

Less is More

The important thing to remember is that the product always should be the focal point of the display. Lighting, props, colors and signage should complement, not overpower the product. Focus on one or two key messages. Break them up, repeat them but don’t overdo it. Make a bold statement in one area of your salon and then just support it everywhere else.

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