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How Many Brands Should Your Salon Carry?

July 16, 2012

If your service clientele accounts for 90% or more of your retail business, your salon could thrive as a single brand salon. As most clients will follow the recommendation of their stylist, moving to a single brand should cause little fear or concern, provided you have your staff’s buy-in. Just make sure to align yourself with the right brand.

If your retail clientele is 65 to 90%service clientele and 10 to 35% retail-only, you can function extremely well as a single or dual brand salon, if the brand(s) you have picked are complete and well known. If you want to offer price point options or meet specialized needs, you may want to consider up to 3 brands with some single star products from various other lines.

If your retail-only clientele accounts for more than 40% of your overall retail sales (salons typically found in only very high traffic areas), you have to think like a retailer and offer more choice to meet a wider demographic base. You can carry an unlimited number of lines, but ensure that at least 5 to 8 are full and complete; the remainder can be star products and short life items.

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