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Is it time to renovate your salon?

July 25, 2012

Perhaps over the years you have brought in new services and made them “fit” into your salon space, or you introduced new product lines and squeezed them in, or your staff has grown and you are now sitting color clients on foldaway chairs during rush periods. Or perhaps your salon is starting to show its age; your chairs are worn out, the flooring is scratched and damaged, countertops are chipped and your doors and drawers are crooked. If any of these situations apply to your salon then it is time to consider renovating.

Every 3 to 5 years your salon/spa design environment should be re-assessed; reviewing the overall look, re-evaluating the working areas, possibly repositioning the various departments and definitely reworking your business model. Why? Simply to ensure that your business always stays current, that you understand how it is evolving and that you are prepared for opportunities in the marketplace.

Without question, any commercial space needs to be completely redesigned and updated at least every 10 years. Design trends keep evolving, equipment technology consistently changes, products and brands constantly reinvent themselves, and your consumer base changes over time. What was hot, new and trendy 10 years ago is now old, dated and maybe even tacky

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