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Assessing Your Salon’s Renovations

August 6, 2012

Renovations…. Ugh! Where to start?

The first step in renovating your salon is to review your revenue centers, their percentage of the total revenue generated and their share of salon space. With this in hand, determine if your space allocation should remain the same or change. For example, if your color department represents 60% of your revenue and only occupies 30% of your service space, maybe it’s time to give this area its rightful allotment of space and stop using those foldaway chairs!

The next step is to review your traffic flow i.e. the path that your clientele follows from the moment they enter the salon until they check out and leave. Mapping your traffic flow is important because it will assist you in devising your merchandising plan and help you locate your promotional tools for better visibility. It also ensures that you are not creating traffic bottlenecks anywhere and that your space allocation is practical and functional.

The final step is to create a unique look or style. Help your design team by researching images of spaces (not necessarily salons) that appeal to you and more importantly, that you dislike. Your design consultants will then be able to come up with a color scheme, finishes and texture swatches, material boards and personalized design ideas

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