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Renovating? Know when to hire professionals

August 13, 2012

Unless you are just repainting i.e. cosmetic changes only, it is almost always advisable that you enlist the help of a skilled and industry-savvy designer and a project co-ordination team. Salon/Spa consultants and design firms, such as Solnyx Consultants, are a great way to go for several reasons. They ensure that all aspects of design and construction are well thought out and planned, that working areas are practical and functional and that structural elements are safe and meet building codes. Most importantly, they can save you a great deal of time on needless errors and oversights, limiting cost overruns. In addition, because they are not affiliated with any furniture or equipment supplier they can save you money by negotiating and allocating projects to the best priced and best suited firm for your project. They will also have contacts with architects, engineers, electricians, contractors and will be able to help with or take on the permit and licensing process.

Overall a renovation project is a huge undertaking that needs to be taken very seriously. It potentially represents a lot of money and can eat up a great deal of your spare time, disrupt your business, stress out you and your staff and destabilize your clientele. A well planned-out project, given the right amount of time, a sufficient budget and proper coordination will positively impact your business, improve your competitiveness and position you as a market leader. For example, Canadian Tire has a renovation strategy called 20/20 where they renovate, increase floor space by 20% and target a 20% increase in female clientele. 20/20 stores report an average spending increase of 13% in the year following renovation and a 22% increase in customer count. Renovate; YES. By the seat of your pants; NO.

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