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Profitable Retail and Hospitality Area Design

August 15, 2012

Any cleverly designed and well managed retail and hospitality area should ensure that you are maximizing your salon’s retail potential and meeting your clients’ expected level of comfort and customer service. This area is the place of your customers’ first impression. Often, it is the only thing a passerby will judge before deciding whether or not to enter. Unfortunately, many salons fail to recognize the full potential of their retail and hospitality departments and fall into the same traps when laying out the front end of their salon.

Commonly made design errors include:

• Positioning the reception desk immediately in front of the entrance, blocking direct access to retail.

• Monster reception counters that encourage reception staff to “retreat” behind them, hindering their ability to come out and assist retail customers.

• Reception counters at office desk height, making it physically awkward for customers to conduct transactions while also limiting eye contact.

• Waiting area chairs lined-up against the front window, where all that is seen from the street is the back of clients’ heads – heads that are usually in dire need of hair services.

• Having to step around the legs of waiting customers to access the retail area.

• Retail products sprinkled around the entire front of the salon, with no attention to creating a clear and well-defined shopping path.

• A retail area that consists of only branded manufacturers displays.

• Non-adjustable shelving systems with limited versatility.

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