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Holiday Planning: Visual Merchandising

October 19, 2012

Like hairstyling, visual merchandising is an art that is based upon sound principles and specific techniques. Here are a few key guidelines to help you focus and create a strong concept.

> Create a focal point for each display, usually located in the top right corner.

> The product, not the prop, is always the “star” of any display.

> Ensure that your display is well balanced and has rhythm by organizing your merchandise in one of two ways:

  • in pyramid form with the tallest item in the middle flanked by smaller items on either side. Feel free to raise a product to make it taller and give it center-stage.
  • in tight arrangement of odd numbers

> Quantity is the key because it makes a strong visual impact and invites people to action.

> Pay attention to the small details. Keep your displays tidy and organized at all times. Refill, re-arrange and line up products consistently. Dust regularly and keep all surfaces clean.

> Illuminated displays convert twice the number of browsers into consumers. Redirect lighting towards your displays to showcase them.

If you take the time to do it right, not only will your clients appreciate your professional yet festive atmosphere, your efforts will also be rewarded at the cash register

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