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What do your 4 colors say about you?

November 1, 2012

Lumina Spark’s psychometric profiling tool can help you discover your different energies and shows you how you use them and how to either maintain or improve the way in which you use them. Take a look and see if you identify with either Yellow or Red Energies:

Yellow energy is often full of enthusiasm and optimism. People with a lot of Yellow energy find it  easy to mix and mingle in large groups and they are  rarely, if ever, shy around new people. Conceptual and abstract thinking are also traits commonly associated with Yellow energy. If you enjoy conversations that cover lots of theoretical aspects and hypothetical situations then you probably have a high preference for using Yellow energy.

Red energy can come across as very direct and upfront in its communication style. If you have a lot of Red energy, you will probably be very comfortable in a competitive situation and you will be happy to stand up for your views in the face of conflict. Someone with a high level of Red energy also tends to seize the initiative and provide direction and structure within a group.

To find out more about the other energies that make up your personality, or to learn more about Lumina Spark, visit our website.


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