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Why Bother with Retail?

November 9, 2012

North American families spend an average of $600 a year on personal care products and services. Products are purchased at specialized retail stores (8%), department stores (12%), drugstore/beauty stores (30%), grocery stores (27%) and on-line (5%). Less than 1 out of every 5 products they bring home is purchased at their salon or spa. The bottom line: if you (the expert) are not recommending products to your clientele, they will gladly buy them somewhere else.

Typically, your chance of selling a retail product is 1 in 4. According to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive, 50% of consumers are not interested in purchasing anything, but half of the remainder can be easily swayed towards a purchase. However, beauty and haircare products are recommended to clients less than 30% of the time (according to a PBA survey in 2010). If you crunch these numbers, you will understand why the beauty industry has less than an 8% retail performance average. To triple your retail figures, start talking to all your clients, not just 3 out of 10.

Once you have earned the trust of your client, retail is a natural extension of this trust that you earned through your customer service skills, your technical talents, your overall work, and now with the quality of the consultation and product recommendation. Don’t forget to extend your service guarantee to products. If the customer is not happy, tell them to bring it back so that you can find a better solution for them.

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