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Holiday Décor Trend: Interactive Commercial Décor

November 21, 2012

Center Stage Productions, a provider of custom designed commercial holiday décor, is introducing an innovative way to combine an interactive, high-tech experience with the rich tradition of the holiday season. With the use of the gesture recognition technology that Center Stage Productions is unveiling within its new holiday displays this year, people will be able to experience the splendor of fresh falling snow.“Right now we are actively incorporating interactive gesture recognition technology into our holiday environments, truly bringing the spirit of the season to life,” said Michael DeZaio, President of Center Stage Productions. With the use of body tracking sensors and real-time motion capture systems, similar to the ones used for experiential video games, visitors’ images are manipulated within a series of winter backgrounds while they use hand gestures to play with virtual snowflakes. “Great fun for a child who has never experienced the magnificence of snowflakes falling gently around them, or for those who just love snow,” commented Matthew Goodman, Creative Director of Center Stage Productions.

“The opportunity to provide interactive elements that are fun and engaging is something we are thrilled to bring to our shoppers this holiday season. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of magic to our guests’ experience,” said Susan Houck, Senior Vice President of Marketing for General Growth Properties.

Shoppers will have the chance to interact with the holiday decor by standing in front of a simulated reflected one-way-mirror in which the guests’ images appear before a serene winter snow scene. People’s reflected images will gather snow on their heads, shoulders, arms and hands during the augmented show shower. Once the snowflakes have gathered, guests can drop them, watch them gently fall and do it all again and again.


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