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10 Ways Your Front Desk Can Increase Revenue

November 23, 2012

Historically, the front desk has always been considered to be a cost centre. The new thinking is to view it as a revenue generator, utilizing a vibrant front desk team to create growth and help meet the salon’s overall objectives (e.g. sales growth, productivity, gift certificate sales, pre-booking, retail %, multiple services per client, etc.).

The 10 easiest ways for your hospitality staff to increase revenues are:

  1.  Ensure all booking requests are transformed into an appointment.
  2. Re-book all cancellations immediately and ensure that no-shows are contacted to set-up a new appointment.
  3. When confirming or scheduling appointments, present every client with the option of an add-on service.
  4. Inquire about the client’s satisfaction with their visit.
  5. When clients leave, offer to pre-book their next appointment.
  6. Inform clients of current promotions, follow up on the service provider’s product recommendation and close the retail sale.
  7. Validate the accuracy of the client’s personal and contact information.
  8. Support the salon’s referral program by always asking new clients if they were referred by a friend.
  9. Ask the client if they need gift ideas for anyone close to them (products, gift certificates, accessories, tools, etc.).
  10. Promote your salon’s loyalty program at each visit by emphasizing the number of points accumulated
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