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5 Tips That Will Help Motivate Your Staff

November 28, 2012


Having achievement recognized is by far the most powerful motivator. Staff promotions are the best solution here. Ensure you have a clear hierarchy of job descriptions and that promotions and rewards are not based on seniority but on attaining specific skills sets, behavioral standards, and of course performance indicators. Monthly meetings and performance reviews should also be implemented so you can publicly recognize individual efforts and achievements.


People want to work in a nurturing environment that imbues a sense of belonging and provides fulfilling relationships with colleagues. To build team spirit and improve staff retention, consider investing in group activities such as regular evenings out, attending education events together, or competing as a team.


People can grow professionally only by upgrading their knowledge and skills. At industry events, the mantra of all top stylists and colorists is PASSION. If you can generate passion for creativity, learning, sharing and friendly competition in your salon, then the pay-off in employee satisfaction and motivation will be significant.


When we work with consulting clients, we frequently encounter employee favoritism and a laisser-faire management style. No structure, no rules, no detailed expectations. If your staff does not know what is expected of them, you are guaranteed to encounter behavior and attitude problems. If you want a team that performs well and grows professionally, give them clear rules and directions and ensure everyone is treated equally and fairly; starting with a uniform pay structure, clear performance targets and a detailed policy manual.


Money isn’t everything but it sure can help! Pay increases, commissions, bonuses and profit sharing are all good motivational tools, but they have to make financial sense as well. However, in cases where the margin between turning a profit and being in the hole is minimal, financial rewards should be given only to those individuals that are generating increased revenues

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