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Holiday Gift Giving: Client Appreciation

November 30, 2012

holiday-tableAs 2012 comes to a close, salon and spa owners are faced with the annual quintessential question of how much to spend (if any) on holiday gifts for their clients.  How do you determine what is acceptable and where is the middle ground between giving like Jolly Old Saint Nicholas and penny-pinching like Ebenezer Scrooge?

As a token of appreciation for your client’s continued patronage and in the spirit of giving, a hand written card or a special discount on a service or retail product is the perfect holiday gesture for your clients. Remember every gift has an associated cost or results in un-earned revenues, so be sure that your gift giving is affordable and accounted for in your budget.

  1. Apply your gift giving to everyoneKeep in mind that you should not pick and choose who gets a gift or card. If you are sending out a signature holiday card, mail it well in advance of the holiday season and make sure that it is signed by everyone. Clients appreciate the attention, and what an easy way to update your database! Any card that comes back undelivered means your client’s address needs to be updated. The cost: $1.50 per card and $0.61 for the stamp. It’s the best toonie you’ll ever spend on a client!
  2. Electronic Holiday CardsSocial media  provides an easy, no-cost opportunity to send out holiday wishes electronically.Take some time to craft a genuine heart-felt message and consider creating a graphic element to accompany it. Be sensitive to the fact that not all your clients necessarily celebrate the holiday season. You can deal with this by keeping your message somewhat generic and inclusive or, to avoid offending or overlooking anyone, you can also mark the passing of other culturally significant dates such as Chinese New Year, Hanukkah  etc. by posting your best wishes on all your various social media sites.
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