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Train Yourself Before You Train Your Staff

December 13, 2012

Staff Training

When it comes to training and education, you want to tackle it in an organized and strategic manner. First and foremost, determine your budget. Despite the fact that training can often qualify as a tax deduction, do you have the necessary cash flow to pay for training upfront? If on the other hand you have a trunk load of reward points accumulated with your vendors, you want to carefully review the reward program and evaluate the “value” of your points based on what they are being redeemed for; often education does not give you the best bang for your buck.

With so much education available for both owners and employees, where should you start? It makes the most sense to train yourself first on what will have the biggest impact and the most benefit to your business. Most salon owners have a lot to gain from taking business courses on management, leadership skills, retail and inventory planning, marketing strategies etc. If you are not the one taking care of these functions in your business you may want to tag along so you are also knowledgeable on the topic. Remember that motivational speakers are popular, but often offer little practical support to your business.

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