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Giving Back: Generate Some Buzz About Your Charitable Campaign

January 17, 2013


If your aim is to generate additional publicity for your business by supporting a worthy cause, be sure that you can collect and donate enough money to make it newsworthy, or that you can create an interesting event out of your act of charity. You want to ensure that your efforts are going to generate a sizeable return on your investment in terms of exposure, publicity, networking, team building and community involvement.

If you are creating your own charity event you first need to research your cause, decide on a concept, chose a venue and target your participants. Once this is done, start publicizing your event, gather interest, and bring in other sponsors and supporters (to lower your cost and generate more goodwill in the community). Then sell tickets or ask for donations using all the marketing tools at your disposal including your website, social media platforms, salon window, and in-salon displays. Push the cause with all your PR might to the local, regional and national press to gain extended exposure and support. The day of your event, you want to make sure that you have all the media you can garner, that you take pictures and videos of everything newsworthy and that you immediately launch your post-event results.

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