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Manage Your Donor Spending: Know When to Say No!

January 21, 2013

giving_backAs we outlined in our previous articles, donor spending is a great to give back to charity and get your business in the news as a charitable company with a heart of gold. However, once you get noticed, and depending on how much you give back to charity or not-for-profit organizations, you must be ready for what comes next – a flood of donor requests!

Learn to say NO!

The moment you start donating publicly you will be inundated with requests from staff members, clients, suppliers, nearby businesses, community groups and other organizations that would like to get a piece of your charity pie. Stick to your terms, have clear donation criteria, respect your budget and try to resist the temptation of supporting every- one’s pet project. Consider using this very gentle response to handout requests: “thank you very much for thinking about us for your organization. We would like to help out, but this year we have decided to concentrate all our charity efforts on XYZ cause. I will keep your document/info on file and we will review it for our next year’s charity budget.”

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