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5 Ways to Budget for Salon Staff Training

January 24, 2013

Education - Knowledge

When discussing staff compensation and incentives, the subject of staff education and training inevitably arises. Staff education is crucial in reaching your salon’s goals and raking in the cash. However, as an owner, you should make sure that you undergo the right training so that your staff can follow from your example. This does cost money, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Once you have established an education plan for yourself, you can start allocating the rest of your budget to staff training.

  • Conduct a full staff review and evaluate each employee’s skill set, strengths, shortcomings and career goals. This should give you a good idea of who needs what training and what their value is to your business.
  • Be strategic about where to spend your training dollars; do you need to get a junior up and running quickly, or a mid-level employee over a funk and fired-up, or super- skill a senior to become an in-house trainer?
  • Meet with your preferred vendors to see how they can support your training objectives.
  • Look at your business policy manual and review your education component. Although you can’t force an employee to take courses, you can motivate them by subsidizing their education.
  • Be clear with everyone about your education strategy, the budget you will allocate to it and the procedures for course request submission and the approval process.
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