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Scripting made easy (For Salon and Spa)

March 27, 2014

Scripting Made Easy

Have you ever wondered how the servers in upscale restaurants are able to describe a series of special menu items in infinite detail? The executive chef has simply taken the time to write down exactly how he wants each dish to be presented and then made the wait staff commit it to memory. This is a very daunting task for any new server but once they’ve run through it a dozen times, the words get more familiar and their confidence increases. This process is called scripting and it is used in almost all service industries. Starbucks created a whole new coffee language through scripting and staff training. People will now order Grande Lattes even when they go to other coffee chains. Prada has all fashionistas adopting the words Nero and Bianco for black and white. Telemarketers are the kings of scripting and the salon and spa industry has a great deal to learn from their expertise.

Scripts are important because they ensure consistency during appointment scheduling, the reminder call, the pre-service consultation and the post-service pre-booking recommendation. Scripts are also used to maintain service standards during the many service stages including the retail consultation, quality control and follow-up on any new service. They also come in handy anytime you have to call on your actual or potential clients for promotional purposes, referral thank-you calls and client re-activation efforts.

Most employees are not as fluent in purposeful client conversation as they are with small talk. Knowing when to talk about products and when to upsell services is an acquired skill that needs to be practiced religiously. Giving your staff higher service and retail sales targets without giving them the words and means to achieve it is just setting them up for failure. So save yourself the aggravation and decide which part of the client process you want to formalize first and then get writing.

The first step in creating your own scripts is to determine your official tone of voice. Is your place of business considered to be formal, casual or family oriented? This will make a real difference in how you address your clients and the choice of language you will use. Remember that your script needs to differentiate your business from your competition as well as dictate the service level in your trade area.

Best Practices for Salon and Spa

Salon and Spa best practices and customer service scripts

Once your scripts are written, they need to come alive. Each service provider or support staff for whom a script is relevant needs to own the script. Depending on your vision, you may allow them to adjust it to their own style and personality so they feel comfortable and at ease with the language. You will also need to ensure that the scripts are tested for their efficacy and relevance by monitoring them closely. Phone scripts can be recorded for review and training purposes by either recording them at the source via your own phone system or by redirecting your calls to a “callrail” or “voicemeup” system. Then, together with your staff member, you can listen to the recording and make any necessary changes. Practise is key here; it will help build staff confidence and consequently improve the overall client experience. You need to be insistent however on script usage and application, making it a non-negotiable part of every client visit.

Whether you are booking an appointment, up-selling a service or recommending a product you will want to write several script options that take into account client objections, concerns and negative responses. Having an appropriate response for all possible scenarios will ensure that your employees are not left floundering and frustrated.

Scripting can be taxing and takes a fair amount of planning, preparation and coaching. If you find the task daunting don’t hesitate to call upon the services of a Salon and Spa consultant such as Solnyx Consultants Inc to help you in the design and implementation process.

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