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5 Ways to Budget for Salon Staff Training

Education - Knowledge

When discussing staff compensation and incentives, the subject of staff education and training inevitably arises. Staff education is crucial in reaching your salon’s goals and raking in the cash. However, as an owner, you should make sure that you undergo the right training so that your staff can follow from your example. This does cost money, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Once you have established an education plan for yourself, you can start allocating the rest of your budget to staff training.

  • Conduct a full staff review and evaluate each employee’s skill set, strengths, shortcomings and career goals. This should give you a good idea of who needs what training and what their value is to your business.
  • Be strategic about where to spend your training dollars; do you need to get a junior up and running quickly, or a mid-level employee over a funk and fired-up, or super- skill a senior to become an in-house trainer?
  • Meet with your preferred vendors to see how they can support your training objectives.
  • Look at your business policy manual and review your education component. Although you can’t force an employee to take courses, you can motivate them by subsidizing their education.
  • Be clear with everyone about your education strategy, the budget you will allocate to it and the procedures for course request submission and the approval process.

Marketing to Millennials

generationY“Generation Y, also known as Millennials, were born between 1980 and 1995, and already outnumber Baby Boomers and out power their parents in spending power, so marketers are salivating over how to reach this generation who values the opinions of strangers online equally to the opinions of their friends and family.

While marketers try to attract these buyers, the most important first step is understanding the generation and how very different they are from previous generations, yet how similar they are in many ways. Human nature still reigns, no matter the generation, and Millennials used to be a mystery, but they are now a group that has demonstrated buyer behaviors that may surprise some.”

To read the full original article and begin to understand Millennials as an important demographic group, visit

7 insightful guides to understanding Millennials

Manage Your Donor Spending: Know When to Say No!

giving_backAs we outlined in our previous articles, donor spending is a great to give back to charity and get your business in the news as a charitable company with a heart of gold. However, once you get noticed, and depending on how much you give back to charity or not-for-profit organizations, you must be ready for what comes next – a flood of donor requests!

Learn to say NO!

The moment you start donating publicly you will be inundated with requests from staff members, clients, suppliers, nearby businesses, community groups and other organizations that would like to get a piece of your charity pie. Stick to your terms, have clear donation criteria, respect your budget and try to resist the temptation of supporting every- one’s pet project. Consider using this very gentle response to handout requests: “thank you very much for thinking about us for your organization. We would like to help out, but this year we have decided to concentrate all our charity efforts on XYZ cause. I will keep your document/info on file and we will review it for our next year’s charity budget.”

Great tips on how to improve your salon in 2013!

Shear The Love's Blog

Each year, millions of people set personal resolutions at the start of a new year – maybe to set out to lose weight, quit smoking, read more, start a new exercise program! Most of the time, these resolutions are focused on helping us to embrace more positive, healthy habits and let go of less positive and more detrimental practices.

Have you done that for your salon this year? Every business has some strategies that are working and others that either need fine-tuning or possibly should be tossed out or re-thought altogether! Does that sound like your salon? 

Here are some things to keep in mind as you set your salon’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2013:

  1. Ensure you can measure. If you are setting new business goals for your salon, make certain you have a way to gauge how you’re doing at any point in the year. What metrics can you…

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Giving Back: Generate Some Buzz About Your Charitable Campaign


If your aim is to generate additional publicity for your business by supporting a worthy cause, be sure that you can collect and donate enough money to make it newsworthy, or that you can create an interesting event out of your act of charity. You want to ensure that your efforts are going to generate a sizeable return on your investment in terms of exposure, publicity, networking, team building and community involvement.

If you are creating your own charity event you first need to research your cause, decide on a concept, chose a venue and target your participants. Once this is done, start publicizing your event, gather interest, and bring in other sponsors and supporters (to lower your cost and generate more goodwill in the community). Then sell tickets or ask for donations using all the marketing tools at your disposal including your website, social media platforms, salon window, and in-salon displays. Push the cause with all your PR might to the local, regional and national press to gain extended exposure and support. The day of your event, you want to make sure that you have all the media you can garner, that you take pictures and videos of everything newsworthy and that you immediately launch your post-event results.

Budgeting for a Cause

cutathonThere are numerous reasons for championing a good cause. It can give your business a heart, provide free press coverage and a tax deduction, generate pride and bragging rights, strengthen your community, and possibly help you to squeak through those pearly gates. However, if you are going to support a charity, it is essential that you do it right. The last thing you want is to have your charitable act look cheap or unprofessional. Here are some tips on evaluating your giving budget if you do decide to go big:

Establish a Budget

First, establish a donation budget, not only in money but also in time. You have to consider that the time spent on supporting a project and the hours donated to a cut-a-thon or a benefit fashion show are unrealized revenue potential. The 40 staff hours dedicated to a cause are non-revenue hours and if they happen to cut into regular business hours as well, then the missing revenues are equivalent to a direct expense. Then set a date that ensures you have the right amount of time, resources and staff availability to pull it off.

How to become an eco-friendly salon

Original post: 10 Ways to Become an Eco-Friendly Salon from Organic Color Systems

Here are 10 ways you can integrate more ec0-friendly practices into your salon. Review the full details here.

1. Only sell and use recyclable products
2. Offer products with no animal testing or animal-derived ingredients
3. Offer truly formaldehyde-free keratin treatments
4. Use eco-friendly decor
5. Use eco-friendly salon equipment (including water conservation practices and eco-friendly light bulbs)
6. Use organic hair color
7. Choose to offer products with a negative carbon footprint
8. Use products with available refills
9. Wash salon towels efficiently and with eco-friendly detergent
10. Implement fun environment saving activities with your fellow stylists and clients